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NEW: University of Notre Dame
Certificate in Executive Management Program
Module 1: Leadership Essentials: Leading Change workshop
with Beverley Patwell

March 21-22, 2017
This workshop will equip leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills to embrace, encourage and guide successful change in their business environment.  By understanding the theories, participants will be able to predict challenges and develop the strategies necessary for success.
For more information, please review the certificate program at www.mendoza.nd.edu 

Queen’s University Professional Development Training Designing Change
Developing the Tools and Skills Necessary to
Lead a Transformational Culture Shift
Within Your Organization

November 28 to 30, 2017: Ottawa

Registration Details
Register: online at Queens University
by email
by calling toll-free 1-888-858-7838

November 28 to 30, 2017: Ottawa

Places: Please refer to our website, irc.queensu.ca, for the latest information on venues.





Meaningful organizational change
requires a thoughtful process with engagement from all levels of your organization. Our Designing Change program gives you the tools and skills
you need to map out and lead a transformational culture shift with
long-term positive effects. Our
facilitators bring real-world
experience to the table, giving you
hands-on opportunities to learn,
design and implement best practices
that achieve a measurable impact on
business results and your organizational culture.

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Patwell Consulting provides organizations with Change Management, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching solutions. We use the Triple Impact Coaching Model to align people with strategic objectives, facilitate lasting change and ultimately, increase organizational performance. Our clients face a wide range of challenges and represent a variety of industry sectors including transportation, technology, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, education, law, retail, SMEs, government , not-for-profit and NGOs.

Our Logo – Why the Celtic Knot?

Our logo, a Celtic knot, is representative of our consulting and coaching approach. We assist individuals and teams to understand their connections to the larger organization. We learn how these knot formations were formed and examine their current state. Are they independent, interdependent or hanging on for dear life? As people advance through their learning process, there is a “loosening, reshaping, reframing and redesigning” that takes place. Individuals become aware of their impact, interdependencies and strengths when working together.

A message from one of our clients ...

Patwell Consulting has been instrumental in the City of Ottawa's journey towards service excellence. Through a series of facilitated learning sessions, Beverley created the momentum with our organization's Senior Leaders to lead the culture change. Her leadership, coaching, interventions and techniques have given us the internal capacity we needed to be successful, and to achieve results.

– Donna Gray Director, Organizational Development and Performance City of Ottawa


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