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Triple Impact Coaching Book

Triple Impact Coaching by Beverley Patwell and Edith Whitfield SeashoreTriple Impact Coaching: Use-of-Self in the Coaching Process

Book by Beverley Patwell and Edith Whitfield Seashore
Published by Bingham House Books
Digital and hardcopy formats available

This book details the Triple Impact Coaching model concepts and tools. It includes the stories of three companies who used this unique coaching approach to address their organizational challenges and achieve their strategic objectives. Leaders, managers, change agents and teams are using Triple Impact Coaching as a support for training and development, knowledge transfer, skill development and as a mechanism to help people lead and manage change. For further details, see The Table of Contents.

What people are saying about Triple Impact Coaching ...

In today’s crazy world of fast and faster, change is a given. Triple Impact Coaching is a great tool to focus your energies through the alignment of your people, processes and culture. As I personally experienced its application, I strongly suggest that you read this book and be dazzled by its simplicity. I was enlightened. Congratulations Beverley and Edith and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Lynne Gervais
AVP Human Resources
McGill University

Triple Impact Coaching is an important book that brings to the fore ideas whose time has come. I had the pleasure of working closely with Beverley and Edie on leadership programs and seeing them work with their clients. These ideas work, they make a real difference in company, individual and team performance and satisfaction.
Karl Moore
Associate Professor
Desuatels Faculty of Management, McGill University
Today’s organizations must build individual and collective capacity. Triple Impact Coaching is a guide to that process. TO ACT OR NOT TO ACT, it’s all about choices. This book is a must read for those of us who want to make better decisions.
Frederick A. Miller
Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group


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