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Organizational Development & Change Management

Experience Change 

Change is certain. Buy-in isn’t. Creating buy-in is difficult work. Organizations that are good at change are able to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats. Those that master it build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage. [ more info ]

Change Leadership

If the people impacted by change initiatives are consulted and involved in the change process and decisions affecting them, they are more likely to support and adopt new approaches. This program is designed to help participants learn how to lead and manage change. [ more info ]


Adaptability is vital to an organization’s success. Staying up-to-date with the technical side of business is manageable, leading and leveraging the people side of change is always more challenging. If the people impacted by the changes are consulted and involved in the change process and decisions affecting them, they are more likely to support  and adopt new approaches.

Patwell Consulting assists organizations with their change management processes. We help to clarify strategic goals and ensure an organization’s structure, processes, communications, core competencies, leadership styles and culture are aligned to support the direction. This typically results in breaking silos and establishing an atmosphere of collaboration and trust, not competition, among inter-departmental groups and individuals. The organization develops into one that embraces continuous learning and improvement.

We have helped people to:

  • Reframe and clarify strategic goals
  • Identify challenges and develop strategies and action plans to address them
  • Engage employees and establish common vision and purpose
  • Engage and motivate employees during rightsizing, outsourcing, mergers or acquisitions
  • Manage conflict
  • Improve decision making processes
  • Build and sustain collaborative, high performing teams
  • Plan and facilitate meetings
  • Develop culture-creating shared mindsets with a commitment to being client focused and provide service excellence
  • Plan and implement communication programs
  • Improve business processes and align them to strategic goals
  • Streamline operations
  • Design HR Strategies
  • Transform HR functions from technical experts to strategic business partners
  • Define and implement core values and competencies
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness

For details about two Patwell Consulting projects that focused on change management, see the VIA Rail and Transcontinental Client Stories.



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