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The Triple Impact Coaching Model

Layers: Individual, Team and Organization

Triple Impact Coaching is a layered approach of coaching - cascading from you (the coach), to your clients - and from your clients to the people with whom they work. The results benefit the individual, team and organization. The coaching process begins with understanding your own Use-of-Self as a coach and learning how to be more intentional with your choices to obtain the impact that you need and desire. It is simple, profound and infinitely complex all at the same time.

Our Triple Impact Coaching Model provides you with the concepts, tools and examples that you can apply in your daily work. Leaders, managers, change agents and teams use Triple Impact Coaching as a support for training and development, knowledge transfer, skill development and or as a mechanism to help people learn, lead and achieve the impact that they desire.

Our Triple Impact Coaching graphic resembles a speedometer. Speedometers are instruments that calculate the rate of speed and distance traveled. Most of us use speedometers in our daily lives, in our cars and on our treadmills, relying on them for information that helps us attain, maintain and or adjust our speed to achieve our desired performance.


At the core of Triple Impact Coaching, is the Use-Of-Self, the driver or the runner. Use-of-Self is all about you, learning about yourself in action. Most of us live our lives with little awareness of how we use ourselves. We do what comes automatically, while focusing on the work and not the impact of our choices and actions. Use-of-Self focuses on understanding our beliefs, assumptions, perceptions and actions and how they impact our interactions with others. Awareness of these aspects of ourselves enables us to make better choices about how we interact with others. We believe we have control of the choices we make. We choose to act or not to act. We also choose how we act. Use-of-Self is a competency that leads you to be conscious of your intentions, choices, actions and the impact they have.

Sample Program

Intentional Use of Self: Strategies and Skills for Consulting, Coaching and Change [more info]

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